• Neil Lloyd-Evans - L E Law Solicitors

    Neil Lloyd-Evans - L E Law Solicitors

    I have used Ian and Sheerwater personally for motor insurance, and recommended clients for motor and property insurance. They are extremely efficient and professional, and actually give advice rather than take a “tick box” approach to arranging insurance.
  • Claire Sibley - Active Management

    Claire Sibley - Active Management

    Ian and the team at Shearwaters offer comprehensive insurance services. They are very approachable, happy to answer questions and really get the best policy for you. I took out their car insurance for my son, this was a specific short term policy but they made sure I got the best cover at the best price. Individually, Ian is always willing to give advice and I appreciate his opinion on all things insurance. If you want to speak to ‘real people’ to get insurance for ‘real people’ then speak to Ian and the team at Shearwaters.
  • Ash Parmer - Smile Design by Ash

    Ash Parmer - Smile Design by Ash

    Ian Clements from Shearwater Insurance is an experienced and knowledgeable insurance broker. He has a very professional approach and he offers sound advice for all insurance needs. Ian has guided me for professional indemnity, and we also have a car insurance policy set up by his company. Ian and his Team offer an excellent and punctual service at competitive rates. I meet Ian at a networking group, and it is evident that many of the other business colleagues also entrust Shearwater Insurance for their insurance needs. In summary, if you want a hassle free service for all your insurance needs, then I would happily and confidently recommend Ian Clements.
  • Christine Baker - Christen Media

    Christine Baker - Christen Media

    Over time all our insurances have been transferred to Shearwater. Ian and his team offer the best advice on all elements of insurance, no matter what it’s for and it’s guaranteed to be a better quote than anyone else. Ian’s experienced and invaluable advice are readily available when needed. We feel in very good hands when it comes to all our insurance policies.
  • Arpit Shah - White Lotus Wealth

    Arpit Shah - White Lotus Wealth

    Althoigh I have not purchased insurance from Shearwater, I often speak with Ian about general insurance and take his advice. Ian has many options, however his biggest strength is to be honest about what one should “have” and what one “needs” in terms of insurance.
  • Angie Phillips - A.N.G Creative Design

    Angie Phillips - A.N.G Creative Design

    Ian and his various colleagues at Shearwater have saved me over half my house insurance, buildings and contents premium this year and just recently over £100 on my car insurance. If you are fed up with calling your insurance company and spending ages pressing numbers you will be glad to hear that when you call Shearwater you immediately speak to a human being! Not only are they human but they are friendly polite and prompt. You are not kept hanging on and when they say they will call you back they do! If they cant match the premium one year it is always worth a call the following year just to check with no obligation. I would thoroughly recommend calling them for an
  • Clive Myers - Myers & Co. Accountants Limited

    Clive Myers - Myers & Co. Accountants Limited

    If you have a legal dispute then you need to talk to Neil. His firm specialises in Litigation, family law, employment disputes and much more. I have used Neil on several occasions and have recommended several of my clients to him. Neil gives pragmatic advice and a realistic opinion on any legal matters. Neil deals with things in a professional and timely manner and explains things in a clear and understandable way. If you have a legal problem or just need some advice then call Neil or one of his team.
  • Don Magee - Polaris Telecoms

    Don Magee - Polaris Telecoms

    As insurance brokers, the service we receive from Shearwater is second to none. They have provided us with business policies and personal insurances. As well as finding best premium prices, the level of service we receive is excellent. They provide views, insight and recommendation, something that is completely missing from online insurance providers. We are happy to recommend them and confident that they will provide equally high service levels to everyone they deal with.
  • Martin Williams - Business Banking Solutions Limited

    Martin Williams - Business Banking Solutions Limited

    A very experienced and professional Insurance Broker, who, together with the team at Shearwater Insurance, cares. I have used Shearwater for Professional Indemnity Insurance and Motor Insurance. In both cases a full review of the marketplace was the norm using an information base and requirements provided by me. In both cases they were able to provide exactly what I required at a reduced cost (£230 cheaper in the case of the Motor Insurance) than I was quoted elsewhere. Shearwater takes away all the hassle of looking for the correct insurance cover, always done in a friendly way that builds the trust. Thoroughly recommended.
  • Stewart Berg - Stewarts Jewellers

    Stewart Berg - Stewarts Jewellers

    I have been dealing with Ian for all my insurance needs now for many years prior to me joining the group, he is very professional and always gives me good advice and can be contacted at any time
  • Morris Lautman - Barclay’s Print

    Morris Lautman - Barclay’s Print

    I have used the services of Shearwater Insurance services for a number of years and the good thing about dealing with Ian and his team is that when you have to make a claim it is a seamless process and they also help with making things happen quickly in a crisis rather than spend time looking to get out of paying out. It is refreshing these days to be able to speak with a human being rather than an automated service or having to hang on the telephone which is normally a premium number and therefore costly.
  • Sue Connew - Independent Financial Adviser

    Sue Connew - Independent Financial Adviser

    I have found their staff knowledgable, courteous and helpful. What you need in an insurance broker.