Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

"I have been a memeber of EBFG for 6 month, The group has been really friendly and has been a great place to share both my business expirance and learn from other memebers in the group. The group has a great mix of local business to Epping and each weekly meeting is full of energy and activities. The group also runs lot of regular social nights out to its not just about business its getting to know other memebers. The groups meets at a Co working space right in the heart of epping, there is street parking for the meeting."

Matthrew Southgate - IT Services


"I started attending the EFBG about 5 years ago. I am a web designer and of course a big fan of online promotion, however during my comparitively short time with the group I can hand on heart say the the group has been directly responsible a substantial portion of the contracts we have aquired during our time here."

Arhon Ankhkara - Website Designer

"EFBG is a vibrant friendly group. I have been a member since 2015 and have always been impressed by the level and quality of the referrals offered."

Fiona Sagoo - Accountants

"I joined Epping Forest Business Group (EFBG) in 2011 when I started our new dental practice called Smile Design By Ash. I was clear that to grow the business, it would be important to network with local people and businesses. I found the EFBG group had a relaxed approach, but with genuine desire to promote business referrals amongst group members. The other thing I really appreciate, is the expertise in the many sectors, so that it is easy to get good advice from trusted colleagues within the group..."

Dr. Ash Parmar - Dentist