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NETWORKING: A great way to increase your business

Established in 2008, Epping Forest Business Group is a fun, friendly and effective way of utilising the power of networking and gaining new business!

The Epping Forest Business Group meet every Thursday, in the heart of Epping at 7.30am-9am at The Epping Connection to provide a relaxed, friendly, and effective way to increase your opportunities to connect with other local businesses.

Our Members develop trust and understanding of each other’s businesses. By building great relationships, we have found that a lot of business is genuinely passed to each other on a weekly basis.

Epping Forest Business Group - Netoworking meeting


Promote and share new aspects of your business with the group each week and gain increased exposure via our wider network.


Learn and gain valuable business insights and develop new skills that will help you and your business grow.


Join forces and collaborate with other businesses and benefit from increased opportunities.


Get to know the people behind the businesses and establish trusted connections.

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